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In recent years Keelan and Charlotte have appeared on many television shows all across the globe performing their incredible Quick Change Act.

Recent appearances include:

istrina - malta tv show

L-strina - Malta - December 2009

Keelan and Charlotte were invited over to Malta on 26th December 2009 to perform in an annual fund raising televised event. They were the only International Artists to perform on the 12 hour extravaganza and were joined by the President and Prime Minster of Malta. The show was televised on all 4 main television channels of Malta for a solid 24 hour period.


Alan Carr - Alan Carr is a comedian on UK's Channel 4.  Keelan and Charlotte were booked by UK’s TV comedian Alan Carr to assist him in performing a Quick Change on his new television show for Channel 4. They were also hired to perform part of their act.

Britains Got Talent Keelan Leyser and Charlotte Marie, the British Quick Change Artists appeared on the popular TV show - Britain's Got Talent on the final show of the auditions. The British Couple who have been performing their Quick Change Act for for many years went straight into the 2nd round after they were head hunted by the shows producers to appear on Britain's Got Talent. They were asked to appear for the first 2 series but had always been working abroad and weren't able to make it back to the UK for the auditions. In 2009 they were in the UK, so performed at the Hammersmith Apollo, London in front of the three judges; Simon Cowell. Piers Morgan and Amanda Holden and a packed theatre of 4000!

They performed a shortened 2 minute version of their usual 8 minute Quick Change Act which went down a storm with the entire audience and all the judges, with Simon Cowell saying 'This is a fantastic act' live on camera. They received a standing ovation for their quick change act and were put through to the live semi finals of the show.

Unfortunately, between the auditions and the live semi finals, the Quick Change Artists received a booking for a tour of India for Sports Channel giant ESPN, so were unable to perform in the live semi finals as the dates clashed!

Got to the Video Gallery to see a clip Keelan Leyser and Charlotte Marie , the UK's Quick Change Artists appearing on Britain's Got Talent.

FOX and ATV - Turkey - Keelan and Charlotte were booked to promote the opening of the 212 Istanbul shopping complex in Turkey. This involved 2 television performances and interviews, one with TVcompany ATV on the Mavi Seker and another with FOX NEWS, as well as the main press launch and 16 live public performances as part of the promotion.

TV Commercial Advertisment for Sure Deodorant - For the client Unilever, Keelan and Charlotte were hired as Quick Change Magic consultants for a new television commercial for Rexona Deodorant. Keelan was also hired to perform in the television advertisement which was shown all over Europe.

Keelan and Charlotte have literally done hundreds of television appearances, performances, interviews and consultancy throughout their magical career, please read their biographys to find out more.


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