Quick Change Artists perform for Craft Guild of Chefs Awards - London, UK - June 2010 E-mail

Keelan and Charlotte, Quick Change Artists were booked to perform in their home city of London for the prestigious Craft Guild of Chefs Awards.

The event was held as the Lancaster London hotel and the theme of the evening was 'pure skill, pure talent and pure magic'. There were 600 guests at the event and the awards were spread over 14 categories.Click here to read more and see more photos of this event.

As the theme of the night involved magic, to kick the evening off Keelan and Charlotte performed their incredibly fast Quick Change Costume Act which wowed the audience.

After the dinner, they also performed an illusion known as the Origami illusion, where Charlotte fits inside a 12 inch square box and Keelan penetrates 3 swords through the box while she is inside. This also went down a storm and the audience were hyped up ready to enjoy the evening, as the awards were to follow straight after the illusion.

The evening went off excellently and the chefs were a fantastic crowd to perform for. Other photos coming soon.